your shirt tells a story

beyond ‘this is not ¢hanel’

the average consumer throws away 70 pounds of clothing every year. the sketchy bag LAdy takes some of that and turns it back around. small steps together muthafuckas.

New Designs

the bag LAdy is always producing more items when herms gets inspiration. if you don’t like what you see now, you probably won’t like anything in the future.

  • a limited SBL original
  • rich people can suck it
  • don’t support businesses that don’t support you
  • this is not ¢hanel original design
  • bright orange zip hoodie- size m
  • fitted size
  • cotton blend
  • would be regular size on a person who is 5’10 & 175lbs
  • designed by the bag LAdy
  • printed on a new shirt
  • produced in the u.s.a., but not like there’s anything wrong with buying stuff from another country if they treat their workers properly
  • profits donated to ukrainian LGBTQ+ refugees (please let me know if you have a good one to donate to, still looking)

Pre-Owned Clothing

why would i want to wear someone else’s clothing? why wouldn’t you want to wear someone else’s clothing? there is a story to be told with each shirt. where it’s gone, where it’s going, the baggage attached to each shirt is reason enough to wear it again. it’s attached to a story, and now, you get to take it into a new story.

Brand New Clothing

it is true that sketchy bag LAdy makes new clothing. but we severely limit the amount of new items we make. we enjoy making art, but we hate to make waste. scraps, up-cycled materials, and however else we can get creative to reduce what we’re doing to express ourselves and tell our story is what we strive to do.

Taking Care Of Your SBL Piece

you don’t treat your computer or your car like shit, why would you treat your clothes like shit? consider these care instructions punk.

  • wash your shit in cold water
  • wash with similar colors
  • wash on delicate cycle and inside out




under the 101 overpass with the blue car – and maybe moving around – los angeles


whenever herms feels like working

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